Missy & Me Photography | About


Hello there! I'm Chloe, and I'm the photographer for Missy & Me.

I'm a Sydney based Pet Photographer and I offer both natural light portraiture and in-studio sessions that really capture the life and personality of pets and their relationships with their people.

I specialize in showing the subtle expressions in your pet’s personality and focus on catching the split seconds that show their unique character.

But it’s not all about them, I also like to snap those little moments between you that make your relationship so special.

I love working outdoors in natural light, I find it really highlights and mirrors the energy that pets have, and there’s nothing more special that a beautiful portrait of someone with their baby relaxing in the park or in their home. Being outdoors and in natural light just gives a sparkle in the eyes and a warm and emotional feeling to the image.

While photographing pets in the studio may give a different feeling to outdoors, it offers me an opportunity to get a little more personal and the image becomes all about the animal. Studio photography will capture the subtleties of a look or an expression, and those quirks in our pets that make them who they are.

What I love the most about what I do, is that no two shoots are ever the same. Every animal is different, and I am constantly amazed and surprised by them. We have so much to learn from them, and they will continue to teach us about love, respect, acceptance, and of course – humour.


So if you're in Sydney or Melbourne (yes I also travel) and have been thinking about having your pet photographed, then send me a message! I'd love to have a chat to you.